Why Build a Website?

Why Would a Business Build a Web Site?

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Shawarma Mediterranean GrillBusinesses seek ways to expand their client base, improve customer service, or get the sale, establish a contact, or provide marketing info. Smartphones require responsive websites that “know” screen size and adjust automatically – Responsive websites make that possible.

Does your business rely on customers under 40 years of age? Then the web, social networking and blogging may be a must-have technology.

We can help you make the transition.

Websites can be business-to-business (B2B), business-to-customer (B2C), or customer-to-customer communities.

Take the time to answer:

What’s your purpose? Who do you serve? What value do you offer?


  1. Your concept by searching online and checking to see if there is a need.
  2. What are your competitors or peers are doing on their websites?
  3. Note what the successful companies in your industry are doing online – website, social media, print…
  4. Know what your budget is – does it include ongoing costs for hosting, updates, maintenance?
  5. SEO – search engine optimization changes often and if your goal is to be on the first page of a search, be prepared to budget A LOT. Otherwise, invest your budget on creating content (words and images) that speak to your target audience.

The lead-time for placing communication or marketing online is greatly reduced for print, radio, or television mediums. A clear idea of your audience or target market will make it easier to create relevant topics and info for your website. Know what is interesting to them and what problems or how you can help.

Be Useful – Engaging – Offer Value

Establish a following or audience that checks your website frequently or develop your email marketing and offer free resources for the simple act of subscribing to your list(s). The costs are smaller than traditional methods.

If you are ready to explore having a website further, click here for the next step.

Important topics:

domain issues and what kinds of websites are common may help clarify the WHY for you.

Neal Resources helps small businesses to evaluate their needs and the process involved in building a website. The owner, Robin Neal, is focused on web design and maintenance. Training is available for you or your team for WordPress or basic concepts to explain and demystify the internet terminology and design a website that is fast-loading and useful.

Depending on your project, Neal Resources may be just the right fit.

Third party companies (TWITTER and WORDPRESS… for instance) provide web services that can be integrated into projects designed by Neal Resources. You will be purchasing the third party web service from a company with Neal Resources incorporating the code into your website. No express warranty is provided for third party web services.