Website Planning

Ready to Begin Website Planning or Updating?

Three strategies to TUNE UP or plan your website.

  • See Your Website Through Your Visitors Eyes
  • Build Trust
  • Decide How your website can help you save time, too! FAQ Page?
  • Do you need forms that help build trust – Privacy Policy, Terms of Service or Disclaimer pages?

See Your Website THROUGH Your Visitors Eyes

1) Share how they can benefit as a visitor. Provide answers for:

  • “What do they want?” Give customers the information they need to troubleshoot their own problems.
  • Make their interaction with your company a friendly experience from start to finish.
  • What customer service questions do you frequently receive?

2) Clarify What You Offer:

  • Are the answers something you can present and solve on the web?
  • Is your phone, address and email contact info easy to find on your website?
  • Can they determine what products or services you provide?
  • Can they buy online or how can they buy?

Content is very important. Whether describing the products and services that make your customers’ lives better or displaying images for an art gallery or products, your page content will encourage return visits or turn customers away.

Make sure your content offers value to your audience.


Ask for permission to contact your visitors. Let them know how to contact you by making your contact information clearly visible on your website and in emails you send them. Offer worthwhile articles that you can email monthly to stay in contact with your web site visitors. You may decide that a mailing list or contact form is worthwhile. If you collect their email info, you may want to include a Privacy Policy statement on your website.


Your website is a public venue for you to market your company, yourself, your products or service!

It is available 24/7 and reflects your attention to detail or lack thereof; your expertise or willingness to serve your customers.

A FAQ page may help your customers answer questions for themselves. This empowers them to ask you better questions or specific questions when they contact you. It also saves you time if they can solve problems or know who to contact regarding concerns, purchases, or other issues.


If you use a contact form, you may get a certain amount of spam, if you post your email address on the website, you will get spam. However, if a visitor cannot find out how to reach you easily, they will be frustrated and less likely to do business with you. A phone number is good to post. Hours of operation are also good to post. If you are a brick and mortar location, a map is a great option too!