Why use a Web Pro than DIY?Wisdom vs Experience

The world-wide web is no exception. Often, products / services that are DIY or free have stipulations in the details that might make you think twice – if you read them thoroughly.

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On the left are a series of topics to help you decide what is involved in your website project and be more prepared if you choose to work with a Web professional. Neal Resources would love to be your choice, if we are the right fit.

The new WordPress Version – Converting a Static Website to a Blog/Static combo – NealResources.com

This is a version of a static website, where it is a standard page layout for the major navigation. Generally, this type of website is one that a web professional will make changes to the look and feel and the content. Since it can be easy for a novice to break a part of the code and cause havoc on the page.

The WordPress version of Nealresources.com shows how flexible the content can be laid out and the sidebars or additional groups of info can be changed and moved around for convenience and easier editing by a client – if that is what they seek to do.

Facebook and screen captures of graphics and websites created:

Facebook Covers Jon Hokama

What is Neal Resources’ Mission:

You Want to Begin a Website

Neal Resources seeks to make the process of website development for businesses( without a website) an informed and realistic project. If your business already has marketing materials, the process may go quickly and provide another avenue of communication to your clients.

Whether you use social media tools or not, it is vital to have visibility online to make it easier for your potential customers to find you. If you have options that allow others to share your website, you help your potential for more of the right people finding your business.

You Need a Website Update or Revamp

For businesses with a website needing updates or a revamp, Neal Resources can help facilitate those updates or help you start Tweeting or Blogging your own content. Updating your online appearance and content can be crucial – let Neal Resources help take the “techno geek” to “people speak” with practical steps.