Why use a Web Pro than DIY?Wisdom vs Experience

Often, products / services that are DIY or free have stipulations in the details that might make you think twice – if you read them thoroughly.

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  • What is involved?
  • How to prepare for working with a Web professional?
  • What specifically do you offer (products, services, problems you solve)?
  • How do your clients work with you?
  • How can you help them?

Neal Resources would love to be your choice, if we are the right fit.

WordPress Platform

(Like this website) accounts for 25% of the websites for small business as of 2015. Flexibility on the look of the content and the design is especially important.

The option to have sidebars or additional groups of info that can be changed and moved around for convenience and easier editing by a client. If that is what they seek to do.

Hybrid Platforms

The online store websites like Square Market, PayPal store, Goozmo, Club Runner … and many more are for specific needs and offer “behind-the-scenes” features and teams that you pay for their platform.  Examples include subscription list tools like MailChimp, Constant Contact, … where they integrate with your website.

“Static” website (HTML)

Usually requires some knowledge of HTML or a basic editor for a standard page layout for the major navigation. A web professional will make changes to the look and feel and the content. It can be easy for a novice to break a part of the code and cause havoc on the page.

Your website is a great HUB to both send visitors to your social media locations and to have those point back to resources on your website. Visibility online to make it easier for your potential customers to find you. There are BILLIONS of websites, and the search engines (like GOOGLE) are looking for timely, relevant info to share.

What is Neal Resources’ Mission:

You Want to Begin a Website

Neal Resources seeks to create websites for solopreneurs and businesses without IT or tech staff.
Does your business already have marketing materials?

  • Brochures, photos, mission statement
  • Key elements include:
    • Clear statement of what you do,
    • clear understanding of who your target audience is
    • what your products and services do to solve customer problems.

Process may go quickly and provide another avenue of communication to your clients.

You Need a Website Update or Revamp

For businesses or organizations with a website needing updates or a revamp, Neal Resources can help facilitate those updates or help you start Blogging your own content. Updating your online appearance and content can be crucial – let Neal Resources with practical steps.